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Citrus Candle - Oranges & Lemons


A citrus candle, made purely from essential oils. This oranges and lemons scented candle is uplifting and zesty! Because citrus scents can be a little fleeting, we've added a touch of cedar wood and patchouli oils to 'ground' the scent. We hope you love it! 

Here are the details:

 - Natural candle, made with soy wax and essential oil only. 

 - The Large candles is 350g, approximately 45+ hour burn time. 

 - The Votive Candle is 120g, approximately 20 hour burn time. 

 - Presented in a grey enamel container. Reusable, recyclable and refillable :)

Aromatherapy Benefits: 

In aromatherapy terms, citrus fruits are mood boosting powerhouses. Citrus scent is believed to increase your body’s ability to create serotonin - the happy hormone. Lemon is associated with increased mental alertness and clementine, which we use in this blend, is also an invigorating scent, lifting emotions while purifying the air. 


 - Ingredients and raw materials responsibly sourced from UK suppliers. 

 - Blended and poured in Kent, by us :)

When it comes to naming our natural candles, we try and keep things fairly simple. Oranges and lemons describes the scent, but also a little personal history - a little nod to the nursery rhyme. In a previous work life, Liz used walk past ‘St Clements’ on Clements lane regularly. She used it as a handy short cut to enjoy a mooch around the shops around Leadenhall market. She ate sandwiches and made plans in that lane, hoping one day to run her own business. 

Spookily Clements Lane is in the ancient ward of Candlewick, which takes its name from what is now known as ‘Cannon Street’, named after the makers of wax and tallow candles in the area. And so here we are, forty miles south, not exactly always the dream 😂 but making candles, thinking of those candle makers from days gone by and enjoying every candle making minute. 

Customer Reviews

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Jayne Carrington
Citrus candle

The most wonderful aroma as soon as the candle was unpacked and filled the room with a fresh smell warmed by the sun. And lifted to another level when lit. Always rely on the quality of the Denys & Fielding candles and they make beautifully packaged gifts too!

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