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tin of twine


a tin of garden twine

Time at home, outdoors or in the garden should a joyful experience. That is our motto. It underpins everything we make and sell. From the development of our fabric designs through to garden gift range, it is all about adding to that sense of joy that comes with being in your own space, indoors or outside. We had that exact same feeling when we came across these lovely tins of twine from Nutscene. Established in 1922, Nutscene has been making high quality garden twine for nearly 100 years. We have selected four 'Tin of Twine' options. Each can be married up with one of our aprons, a set of seeds and/or a plant pot to create a beautifully packaged present. Best of all, these tins will stop your twine getting in a twiddle - keeping everything easy to use and dispense - perfect!

Choose from four different colours of twine, each complementing our wider range of garden gifts. A stylish, practical present for garden lovers everywhere. 




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