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Deck chair & garden furniture care guide

Keeping your garden furniture fabulous. 

maintaining your deck chair and garden furniture

If you are reading this care guide, chances are you have bought one of our deck chairs or garden chairs. Firstly, thank you very much for your purchase! We hope you enjoy your new garden chair(s) and the sun shines for you! If you are considering buying one of our deckchairs, or just want a little advice on garden furniture care, we hope this is a useful page too.

Wooden Garden Furniture - Care Guide 

This guide is designed to help you care for your garden furniture and keep your deckchair looking as beautiful as possible, for as long as possible. For us, there are three key components: 

1. Storage: When not in use, ideally store your chair inside, in a dry location. Folding the deckchairs flat is really easy, but can be quite tricky at first. To help, keep the deckchair in the seated position, stand behind it and you should see a black Denys & Fielding label in the top left hand corner of the deck chair sling. Now, take the supporting frame that is behind the chair and raise it so it is brought up and over the top of the chair. You should now have two supporting pieces of frame at the top, and one at the bottom and your chair should be flat. 

Maintenance: The wood of the garden chair is a very hardwearing, sustainably sourced Indonesian hard wood called merpauh. We have found that adding an oil to the wood every year or two enhances the frame. We choose to use a danish wood oil or a linseed oil. If your garden chair has suffered from a few scratches, a light sand and then application of wood oil will give your deck chair a new lease of life. Read more of our tips for maintaining wooden garden furniture here. From January 2018: all of our deckchair slings are given a non toxic, environmentally friendly protective coating before it is sent to you. This provides extra protection in terms of spillages and the elements - increasing the fabric's UV and water resistance. Because this coating uses nano technology, it is still possible to machine wash the sling and for the fabric to retain this extra protection for up to three years. Our fabrics can be also treated with other outdoor fabric treatments which are available online and on the high street should you wish to provide extra protection for the fabric slings.deck chair - assembling our deckchairs

Cleaning: Should you wish to remove the deck chair sling and either wash, or store in a dry place over winter, position your deckchair in the seated position. Looking at it face on, head to the left hand side. You will find screws at the top and bottom of the base of the deck chair. Simply unscrew, prise apart the frame and slip the deck chair sling off. Remember that if the chair has been in damp conditions for a while, the wood may have expanded, meaning that pulling the chair apart is more difficult. Simply keep in a dry place for a few days before dismantling. 

Our balcony garden chair has a different fixing at the base and is held in place by locking nuts. Follow the instructions above, heading to the left hand side of the chair and instead of looking for a screw at the base, simply undo the nut and washer and remove the fastening. Slip the sling off the top and bottom of the garden chair as described above.

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