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Why deck chairs for the garden?

classic deck chair with feather fabric designDeveloping our range of garden deck chairs

When we first started working on our ideas for a range of wooden garden furniture, mix and match and accessories for the great outdoors, our thinking and logic brought us very quickly to focus on deck chairs as the starting point, and centre of our brand. We wanted to create something that was a little different from the norm. Something that had colour, personality and style. Something that could be enjoyed outside when the sun was shining, or indoor, in a conversatory, garden room or by a set of doors that lead out to a garden. That for us meant the introduction of fabric and textiles. 

At the same time, we wanted bright, bold hues to be offset, or complemented by a classic structure that would defy trends, or continually set them. The classic deck chair seemed to hit the mark. 

Not any old deckchair, though. We wanted our outdoor furniture to be extremely sturdy; really well made and high quality but also portable and useful in a variety of garden and outdoor settings. Something that could blend well with and add a little va va vroom to an existing lounger or bench - which tend to be muted in colour and tone. 

Joyful furniture, cushions and accessories for the garden

We all have days when we look out of the window and see weeds and work. We wanted our garden furniture to be a reward for all the work, or a tonic to soothe away the stresses and strains of life. Something joyful. Something in which to sit outside, relax and just enjoy the moment. Because none of us quite get enough time for all that kind of thing, do we? 

Deck chairs, large floor cushions and gorgeous garden accessories are our small, quiet stand against all the rushing around and chaos of life. Our outdoor furniture and fabric designs hark back to a time when emails or texts didn't exist, let alone demand an immediate reply. And we hope a little piece of that heritage rubs off, or a sense of slowness somehow filtrates the wood, steel fastenings and fabrics. They are the perfect party guest - full of colour and class. They are a moment to yourself, a quiet five minutes in the garden alone, watching the world whizz by. Our garden chairs, cushions and accessories offer the weary their reward: a moment to relax, unwind and recharge, for whatever lies ahead. 

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