Bridget Riley: Learning from Seurat - Courtauld Gallery December 7, 2015 14:11

If you are heading over to Somerset House for a little festive skating, it is well worth nipping around the corner to the Courtauld Gallery

This lovely art gallery is currently exhibiting a small, select number of Bridget Riley’s paintings. The exhibition explains how Riley copied and reimagined Georges Seurat’s 19th century paintings to inspire and determine her own bold, contemporary artwork.

For me, the whole ethos of the small collection and the story behind it is pretty magical. I love the idea that in 1959, a young  British woman copied the artwork of an old master, (not from the original, but from a book I believe) to better understand colour and perception. Rather than use that knowledge to replicate, Riley chose to create something totally new and exciting.

Bridget Riley has continued to draw inspiration and new ideas from Seurat ever since and this exhibition helps visitors to understand that connection, and to view the art of both Georges Seurat and Bridget Riley through a really unique, intimate lens.  For me, it is also a great reminder that in everyday life, rather than seeking new distractions or the latest trend, the source of what inspires and motivates you can be constant. Allowing your view of it to change, challenge and develop in unexpected ways over a lifetime is perhaps one of the most creative ways to work and live. 

The Bridget Riley exhibition runs until the 17th January 2016.