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Bunting: Handmade, double sided

High quality, double sided in our signature prints, our bunting is made for celebrations! A great addition for weddings, parties and events as well as in the garden, choose from two different styles for your bunting: Bright and Bold or our Muted tones. We also offer a choice of 'tape' - either black, or cream. 

The bunting also complements our deckchair hire service and because it is reusable, it serves as a lovely reminder of special celebrations for years to come. 

The bunting is typically sold in bundles of 3 metres. However, if you need more and don't want to tie the bunting together or would just prefer a different length, please get in touch. 


We make our bunting here in Kent. The sizing is really generous, the fabrics high quality and there are no big gaps between flags / pennants. The fabric is printed for us here in our lovely county of Kent before heading across to us here for us to work with. We choose 'the best cuts' - cutting each bunting flag sensibly, to ensure the end result is really eye catching and fun. 

When to get the bunting out: 

Any kind of celebration in our tribe calls for bunting. As well as family get togethers and parties, it is a firm favourite for street parties, village fetes and the odd Royal Wedding! Bunting just goes hand in hand with happy times. Apparently the history of bunting can be traced back to the 1600's, with links to naval flags and shipping. The sailor who raises flags in the Navy is known as 'the bunt'! 



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