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Floor Cushions - Indoors/Outdoor

Beautiful floor cushions that work indoors and outside. Our floor cushions have a water resistant, heavy duty canvas back, making them ideal for using inside on wooden or stone floors as well as outside on grass, patios and decking. Each one is also treated with a non toxic, environmentally friendly treatment to aid performance against water, UV, stains and spills. 

Large, square in shape each cushion is a whopping 76cm X 76 cm. They dress a setting instantly, and provide colour, comfort and style to all occupants - human or otherwise. Our latest addition to the family, a little german pointer puppy, is very content to commandeer one of our floor cushions as his pillow! In fact, none of us humans can get a look in! 

Above all, we hope our range of floor cushions provide a lot of joy, colour and good use as they are extremely versatile and can be used in multiple settings.  Now, summer house, interior room, casual seating or garden setting... we'll let you decide! 



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