10 inspiring instagram accounts for plant & garden lovers October 1, 2016 20:41

There is nothing I like better than feigning sleep on an early Sunday morning, letting the (long suffering) husband go down to sort the kiddiwinks and sneaking a quiet moment to enjoy a nice mooch around the glorious beds and borders of Instagram. For anyone as nosy as me, instagram is the virtual equivalent of peering over the hedgerows and having a good gaup at the neighbouring garden. I love it. 

Gardening and its various offshoots has become a mainstay of the Instagram fraternity. If you have a soft spot for flowers or better still, a handsome looking swiss cheese plant, prepare yourself. This could get addictive. Instagram is oozing with beautifully styled pictures of flowers, foliage and everything in between. 

At this time of year, it is also a great source of inspiration and information. Scour the hashtags and feeds and you'll find a host of fantastic ideas for bringing the outside in. You'll also find a whole host of great garden ideas for next Spring, which inevitably will require planning and preparation now. Here is a personal top ten of inspiring, eclectic botanical feeds to get the creative juices flowing... 

Pistils Nursery: This is one seriously joyful, plant filled feed. Great visuals with helpful links to advice that features as part of their blog. If I ever find myself in need of a plant shop in Portland, Oregon this is where I'm heading...

Arne Maynard: Escapism and a great sense of story telling - this instagram account is a visual interpretation of the weekly garden diary that captures the goings on at Allt y bela in Monmouthshire. The combination is fab as the images give a snapshot and the diary fills you in on the details. Ideal for gardeners looking for more information and knowledge. 

Noughticulture: From the experienced Arne Maynard & team to self proclaimed 'rookie urban gardener' Alice Vincent. Alice's garden is a 4m concrete balcony in South London and her instagram feed is that perfect mix of advice / lessons learned with a good dose of wit and humour thrown in. She also writes about her exploits for the Telegraph.

My Little She Shed: Many Brits will look at this feed and weep at the sunshine and space evident in the garden of this Aussie based gardener. But you'll also share a smile at the oddly shaped homegrown carrots; marvel at the colour and vibrance of veg and just enjoy the buzz that growing your own creates. Much of the organically grown produce from the She Shed is shared or donated to charities. Haven't heard of anyone doing that in our neck of the woods... Perhaps one to start? 

The New York Botanical Garden: The NY Botanical Garden celebrates its 125th anniversary this year. The instagram feed reflects this history beautifully - combining heritage with modernity and science with style. Enjoy a behind the scenes glimpse at the garden, its research facility and archives. 

Conservatory Archives: If I had a glasshouse, this feed is exactly how I would like it to look. Hackney based indoor plant specialists share their showroom and their cool, commercial installations for shops, cafes and clients across London.  

Piet Oudolf: A name which to me, is synonymous with dreamy, abundant gardens teeming with life. Many gardening and plant related feeds keep within the confines of a particular 'look' - such as a white background or muted tones. Not so here, where changes outside directly correlate to what you see on screen.   

Gardenista Sourcebook: Gorgeous gardens and outdoor design from across the globe. The Gardenista blog blends outdoor lifestyle, DIY, garden advice and information for time starved gardeners. The perfect train read / feed.

The Constant Gardener: No website. No blog. No agenda. Just one woman and her love for family, gardening and architecture. Always inspiring, full details of plants included in the images, which makes it so much easier to jot down or look up. I love it. 

Jo Thompson: Cat and I were blown away by Jo Thompson's Rose Garden Chelsea this summer. I love the fact that despite the professional accolades and achievements, this instagram feed feels so informal and personal. Roses from the garden, pics of the dog. The odd image from in and around our lovely county of Kent. Brilliant.