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Luxury Eco Gifts

We believe that finding Luxury Eco Gifts should not an impossible ask - Luxury and Sustainable are not mutually exclusive! In fact, quite the opposite. What could be more luxurious than revelling in something truly beautiful, made by Mother Nature? Our job is to simply bring those wonderful ingredients or components together, to create really special gifts that bring joy to their recipients. 

Our luxury eco gift range includes items that are just perfect for birthdays, get well presents, treats and pick me ups. All of the range is gift wrapped for you in eco friendly wrapping and twine.

Because our range of sustainable gifts includes lots of lovely natural ingredients, including essential oils, many have aromatherapy benefits. For the sleep deprived and weary, we'd recommend any of our range that includes lavender. For those who may have to be a little careful when it comes to skincare, we'd recommend or 'gentle & unscented' soap along with our hand balm which is made with shea butter, sweet almond oil and importantly rosehip seed oil. We use incredible, natural oil in our hand balm because of it's cell and tissue regenerating properties. It moisturises, it balances, it restructures. It is anti ageing, good for scarring, eczema, sun damaged skin and can even improve skin elasticity. Which is we include a good dose in every jar.

Every item is made for you by us in Kent. If you have any questions or need any further assistance as you browse, please don't hesitate to contact us :)



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