How To Eat Outside - Genevieve Taylor June 20, 2015 21:16

With two v. small boys, we haven't really got into the whole 'big gift' for Father's day.

Or Mother's Day for that matter.

A simple card is fine by us both.  In fact, the more hand made and 'creative' the better.  But when I saw 'How to eat outside' I immediately thought it was an ideal gift for Father's Day tomorrow.  Well, actually, my first thought when reading the title was 'with your fingers?' And then, "oh, right." Yes, well, turns out it is about proper cooking while enjoying the great outdoors. Wonderful. And it is. Really wonderful. Perfect for my husband who loves eating, cooking and camping almost as much as our boys. 

  • Best Chapter: Camp cook outs
  • Best 'can't wait to make it' recipe: The lamb kebabs
  • Gorgeous because: The photography and styling is beautiful. Anyone that can include tin foil, camp stoves and tupperware in their food photography and still make you drool get's my vote. 

'How to eat outside' was published last week, so grab a copy now!