City Wedding - The National Theatre July 13, 2015 21:31

While we may offer a deckchair hire service for weddings, this weekend, we were off duty. Which was great as there was no shortage of seats at this amazing wedding, held at the wonderful National Theatre.

Saturday 11th July has been a date firmly in the diary for a while.  Not only because it's my sister's birthday (v. important!) but also because this year, it was the date of a very special wedding for a very special couple.

So, having banished the 'I've just had a baby' sleep deprived gaze, I donned a frock, put on an optimistically high pair of heels (flip flops sensibly packed in the hand bag for later - if these last few months have taught me anything, it's the joy of sensibility - and planning ahead!) and headed for the National Theatre.

What a venue for a wedding.

With views that overlook the City, and include iconic landmarks such as OXO tower, Waterloo bridge and St Paul's Cathedral, the National Theatre provided a truly 'dramatic' backdrop to a wonderful wedding.

The ceremony was followed by a boat trip along the Thames to the reception in Battersea, passing the London Eye, Houses of Parliament and Shard along the way.

Away from the crowds along the South Bank, the boat trip was such a treat for guests - providing a really relaxing way to unwind with friends, catching up while taking in all that London has to offer. Although I've lived in London 12 years, the boat trip was a wonderful reminder of what a magical place London is.

Best View: The Houses of Parliament.  They may be crumbling.  They may be a clichéd view of London.  But take a good look, on a glorious sunny July day, and Westminster Palace is still a sight to behold.

Close second: The Shard.  People hate it.  I love it. It looked stunning from the boat.

Best food: The wonderful Dim Sum. Delicious, easy to eat food.

Low point: Getting up at 3am to feed my little one. An hour after getting in.  Ouch.