Lovestruck: Persephone Books August 3, 2015 15:52

Along with a love of being in the garden, or the outdoors in general, our passion for thirties and forties fabric designs is part of the DNA of Denys & Fielding.  Which perhaps helps to explain my current obsession with Persephone Books.  Our designs are based on vintage dress fabrics. So it stands to reason that we are as interested in the women who wore these wonderful prints as with the designs themselves.  For me, Persephone Books provides an opportunity to get to know these women, and their world, a little better.

Like all good girls, the book collection does not reveal everything at once…  First off, the beautiful soft grey covers suggest a feminine anonymity that is absolutely fitting for a collection of books by authors who have been largely overlooked for too long. Secondly, this understated nature of the cover design sits in brilliant contrast to the richness of stories, humour and personality that lie behind its subdued exterior. It somehow makes you love the authors and their stories all the more. These first two reasons bring me onto to the third reason why I love these books – the sense of lucky dip. The anonymity of the covers adds to a feeling of exploration, and entrance to a world seen through the eyes of a unique set of narrators.

Having read and loved “The Gardener’s Nightcap” by Muriel Stuart, I am now onto my second - this time opting for ‘Cheerful Weather for the Wedding', by Julia Strachey. Unsurprisingly, it is living up to expectations.  If you are looking for a thought provoking perspective on life, and that of our past, start a new love affair. Try Persephone Books.