Revival: Revamping Garden Furniture and Accessories. August 17, 2015 16:05

It has been a warm, wonderful summer.  And despite the recent rainy weather, more sunshine is (allegedly!) on it's way. Can your garden furniture and accessories take the heat?! If not, we might have just the thing.  Here are three ways to inject a little life into tired, late summer gardens:  

  • Our beautiful new deckchairs, available in four vintage inspired bold prints, can bring a new lease of life to a garden, patio or balcony.  Good looking as well as tough and durable, our deckchairs score highly on the comfort factor too as each style has three adjustable sitting positions.    
  • The nights are warm, but darker now, so our range of outdoor candles is perfect for parties or
    evenings spent with friends.  Try our large
    citronella candles – great scent, beautiful muted colours and much larger than your average citronella candle – allowing plenty of burning time to accompany long, carefree evenings in the garden.
  • If your garden is anything like mine, frankly it is looking a little hungover. The exuberance of spring is well and truly over; the grass slightly parched from all this wonderful sun, and well, it all looks a little ‘lived in’. Smarten the whole thing up with a few new pots planted up with some great late summer blooms that will take you right through to autumn. One of my personal favourites are Dahlias, and a new addition was purchased at the recent Garden Show at Great Comp. Gorgeous striped petals; dark foliage and plenty of blooms still to come this summer.  And, if I look after it over winter, it will be back to strut its stuff once again next year. Bargain.