Three easy upcycling ideas for the garden August 30, 2015 20:51

Visiting interesting gardens and nurseries is a great way to pick up new ideas to try at home.

We came across three easy upcycling ideas for the garden this weekend while spending time at the Bank Holiday Bazaar, at the Walled Nursery

1. Re-purpose Broken Pots 

I've always kept broken terracotta pots to use as drainage at the bottom of pots and planters, but using them to display gorgeous succulents is a much more creative alternative! 

2. Pink Pallets

A talking point at our stand this weekend was our painted pallets! We gave them a bit of a makeover and used them to help display our deckchairs, cushions and garden accessories.  Lots of visitors commented, but also shared their own pallet upcycling projects! These included a swing for the garden, a bench and even a bath surround!  Check out Pinterest for more ideas. 

3. Gorgeous Garden Tools 

While this might not be a DIY project that can be so easily reproduced at home, we couldn't talk about upcycling without sharing these gorgeous reconditioned garden tools. Perfect for adding a touch of vintage to the potting shed.