Daytripping - Hastings, Sussex September 20, 2015 17:09

Given our love of deckchairs, it's unsurprising that we often find ourselves in their natural habitat: the beach. Whether it's a hangover, heartbreak and just about celebrating happy times, to us, a trip to the beach is the perfect pick me up for any occasion.                                                                                                                                                                                 
In our family, that has normally meant a trip to the Kent coast.
But last Friday, we went mad and headed down to Sussex.                                                                                                       
Up until then, I only knew two things about Hastings - the battle of in 1066 and the fact that Foyle's War was filmed here (I love it, don't judge me).
                                                                                                                                                                  Anyway, turns out there is SO much more to Hastings. We mainly stayed around the Old Town, popping into the Jerwood Gallery to see the Lowry 'By the Sea' exhibition. So pleased we saw this. It's on until the 1st November and well worth a look. We then meandered in and out of the nearby lovely shops including these new found favourites:
  • Merchant and Mills - lots of lovey linen, ribbon and material
  • Clockwork Crow - Vintage french furniture, rustic tiles, garden planters and pots  
  • Hendy Home stores - antiques, enamel wares and at the weekend sells fish caught by the Hastings fishermen
  • S Forrest which sells all fresh fruit and produce
  • Old Town Sweets -  Rows and rows of sweets. Yum.
The fisherman huts are beautiful, the Funicular railway is a great adventure for those with a head for heights and we have it on good authority that Maggies is the best fish and chip shop in town, possibly the world.  Sun, sea and sand (well Pebbles, but they are much more fun and far easier to skim): Hastings has it all.