Barbara Hepworth: Tate Britain October 22, 2015 09:30

Up until last Saturday, I only knew two things about Barbara Hepworth:

  1. She was an artist who lived in St Ives
  2. She created very large sculptures

My visit to her exhibition 'Barbara Hepworth Sculpture of a Modern World' was brief to say the least. My ongoing campaign for 'access to the arts for babies' is still lost on my little one.  Her non stop screaming brought our visit down to a swift, 15 minutes. However, it was enough to feel amazed at Barbara Hepworth and her work. I loved all of her figurine sculptures made out of stone and was amazed by her wooden sculptures - 'Pelagos' and 'Corinthos' were my favourites. I came away feeling slightly in awe.

Since my rapid visit, I have started to read up about Barbara Hepworth. Of course like with anything arty, everything is very subjective - was she the greatest artist of modern time or just a good sculptor? There seems to be a fair bit written about her character too, not all positive. So in a way, whilst I would have loved to mooched around and pondered longer, I'm glad I didn't know much more than I did during my visit. It allowed me to just appreciate her art work with out any of the other stuff getting in the way.

If you have time over the next four days and you are in that neck of the woods, it is well worth a visit, particularly as the exhibition closes at the weekend. Whether you have a day to meander, or a few minutes for a quick glance, it's time well spent.