Christmas Gifts for Green Fingers November 27, 2015 20:57

By the time they open their Christmas stocking, every gardener knows that the shortest day is behind them, and a whole year of gardening and outdoor living is just around the corner… Hurrah! So what better gift for a gardener than a pressie that gets them plotting and scheming for next year’s beds and borders. We recently added our deckchairs and range of outdoor accessories to the wonderful Architectural Plants, a fantastic nursery with lots of lovely gift ideas for gardeners. Here are our top picks …

Niwaki ToolsSeriously snazzy snippers and secateurs. Niwaki bring Japanese style, simplicity and precision to every lopper and pruning tool you'll ever need to create perfectly manicured plants for the garden. 

Frost Proof PotsHand thrown, traditionally made terracotta pots made from clay chosen for it's mineral content to create the perfect hardy yet handsome pot. We bet our last Sherry on the fact that this will be one of the few Christmas presents you can buy with a 50 year guarantee!

A Tree is not just for Christmas...: My best present last Christmas was a pair of fruit trees.  I love them. Trees and shrubs in the garden are like your best friends in life: you only need a couple of seriously great ones to make sense of everything else going on. Whether it's something structural and serious or frivolous and fun, consider an evergreen for the perfect, forever present.

Architectural Plants is open every day except Sundays. This weekend they have 20% off across a selection of plants. Get in quick!