Deckchairs, cushions and sunshine at Alexandra Nurseries March 19, 2016 20:09

Did you see it? Sunshine. Definite, face warming sunshine happened this week. On Thursday in fact. Which was wonderful because we were out and about and able to enjoy the sun in the courtyard of Alexandra Nurseries. Under the guise of delivering our deckchairs and cushions, we enjoyed a few minutes supping tea and eating a seriously good chocolate cake with birds (and bees!) humming around the Hyacinths and primroses. Lovely stuff! 

When we were there new plants were arriving, the winter canvas was off the roof and the sun was beaming in. We spied some really lovely succulents and euphorbias that we have our eye on, as well as a collection of stylish new homeware produced by local craftsmen and women. In fact it was all so enjoyable we went back for brunch today!

Alexandra Nurseries is open every week day and during the weekend. Please visit their website for more details.