Deckchairs: Our guide to the perfect garden furniture April 10, 2016 21:08

As a lover of gardens and gardening, I've sunk myself into my fair share of garden furniture over the years. And for me, nothing beats the comfort and style that comes with from a deckchair. And we've got one for every occasion...

Wideboy Deckchair: One for the loversLarge, wideboy deckchair

Our wideboy deckchair is the garden furniture equivalent of the 'snuggler'. It is super comfy for one, or a lovely, cosy affair for two. It has the same style and shape of a classic deckchair, with two reclining options and available with our range of deckchair slings. 

Balcony Deckchair: Stylish and Supportive

If you love nothing more than sitting out in the garden with a good book or with a bite to eat, the balcony deckchair is the one for you. While it does recline, the upright nature of its design is perfect for watching the world go by. Add a stylish deckchair sling and voila! A beautiful, supportive piece of garden furniture for your patio or outdoor space. 

Classic Deckchair: Timeless British icon

Nothing quite says 'British holiday' than a deckchair. Trips to the seaside, warm sun filled afternoons and rows and rows of gorgeous deckchairs on the front. If you intend on having just one deckchair in your life, a classic deckchair is a great choice. At home in a garden or at the beach, it's portable nature and good looks mean you can enjoy it whether home or away.