Blurring the boundaries: Five easy ways to create continuity between your home & garden March 29, 2017 12:53

More and more of us have less and less space. So, ensuring the garden becomes an extra room or part of your living space is becoming increasingly popular. Add in the recent warmer weather, and you may find yourself twitching for a little home / garden revamp... Here are five easy ways to blur the boundary between home & garden, and live seamlessly between the two.

1. Let the indoors flow outside: If you are planning a major renovation and have the opportunity to plan and budget for major change, think from the feet up. Use similar or the same materials and colours for your flooring indoors and outside to create a sense of continuity. If major works are not part of the equation, use the same logic of 'feet first' for less budget busting additions. Consider adding rugs that can be used indoors as well as outside to create a sense of continuity between the home and garden.  

Garden room

2. Pick & mix. Take flowers and cuttings from the garden and enjoy them throughout the house. Place them in key areas around the home such as a window or table top, where your eye can follow the link between the house and garden. Don't just think flowers. Use foliage, twigs and branches from the garden to 'dress' the house inside throughout the year. 

3. Mix and match indoor and outdoor furnishings. Our floor cushions are great for using indoors on stone and wooden floors. But they also make a handsome addition to lawns and patios when the sun is shining. Opt for garden furniture and accessories that complement your interior style and follow through to the exterior with ease. Floor cushions

4. Make the space you have work for you. Not got enough seating for friends and family when they pop round? Make your garden room your entertaining room. Short on a dining room? Head outside to enjoy dinner al fresco. Whatever you feel your home lacks, look for a solution outside. It will help you to make best use of your entire space. Don't be limited by our unpredictable weather! Fire pits, heaters, parasols and verandas can create warmth and intimacy for gatherings on colder days. Head to Houzz or Pinterest for a host of ideas on how to create something different and unique to you. 

Folding wooden furniture for gardens and garden rooms

5. Don't forget your plants! Plants can and will thrive both inside and outdoors. There is a right situation for every pot and planter, it is just a case of finding it. They are the most obvious and quickest way to link your indoor and outdoor space. Add plants inside at different heights to frame and 'introduce' the garden. Follow through into the garden with pots and planters on the patio or decking closest to the house. Opt for planters that you can use both inside and outdoors to help create a seamless transition.