Death of the Deckchair? August 11, 2017 18:21 2 Comments

deckchair Nope, we're not branching out into some weird, horror movie involving scary, carnivorous deckchairs. But, it was a question I was asked this week on BBC Radio Kent. Ooh, get me! 

The interview was prompted by a recent report that appeared in the Telegraph, highlighting the decline in deckchair rentals across UK beaches. 'Phased out' is the expression they used (boo) as councils opt for the continental sun lounger over the traditional British deckchair.

Ah, I can't help it, this news makes me sad! For one thing, how can you possibly eat your chips, drink a glass of wine (out of a plaster beaker, obvs) and keep the travel rug over your knees in a force five gale while lying on a sun lounger?! Those continental things are wonderful when the sun is high, the temperatures are in their thirties, and quite frankly, the most sensible thing to do is to lie down. But Margate isn't the Med, is it?! The last fortnight has been downpour after downpour. In August!! You can't throw your eyes to the air, transport your sun lounger to the shed or summerhouse and crack open the malbec. But you can with a deckchair. And therein lies their magic. They are portable party lovers, great for a gathering whenever the opportunity arises. 

One of my strongest memories from my childhood is my grumpy old grandad sat in a deckchair on Dymchurch beach. Fully kitted out in a tweed suit and flat cap (like you do), absolutely steaming on one hot summer's day, back in the eighties. That's the special sauce that they hold. Deckchairs just make you smile. They hold memories of times with family and friends. Memories that may not even be yours, but sat in an old family album somewhere, of summer's spent at the coast. 

Most of us have a habit of valuing what is no longer readily on tap. And, as councils opt for loungers over deckchairs, you may find yourself pining for that touch of nostalgia and comfort that comes with a good old deckchair. So, remember, this summer, when the sunshine does finally come out, go to the beach and rent a deckchair. Otherwise, there will come a time when this is no longer possible. And, if you are organising your own celebration, you can hire a deckchair from us :)