Great Comp Summer Show August 8, 2016 20:48

Great Comp Summer Show 2016This weekend I am set to meet my nemesis. For as long as I remember I have tried and failed to grow salvias. My salvation? Great Comp Garden Show, which takes place this weekend. 

Great Comp is nestled just south of Sevenoaks and has been open to the public since the 1960's. It is a seven acre garden surrounding a 17th century manor house and is home to one of the largest and most extensive collections of Salvias in Europe. Jeez. If I can't learn how to grow these beauties this weekend there is absolutely no hope for me. 

The Summer Show is the largest event in the Great Comp calendar. Expect jazz, pimms, fabulous, unusual plants and gardenalia amid this beautiful, quirky garden. And, I hope, some good Salvia advice. Please. For more information to plan your visit, go to the Great Comp Summer Show page here. And if you do spot us wandering around in awe and disbelief, (probably with a notepad and pen in hand) give us a gentle nudge and say hello!