Great Reads for Garden Lovers: Five of the best December 08, 2016 11:58

Great books for gardeners and garden loversWhen I was little, I used to watch my Mum and Dad pouring over seed catalogues in the same way that I ogled the toy section of the Kays Catalogue. What was the fascination, I thought?!

Now, I get it. Once you get hooked with gardening, you never stop being inspired by a bright, bold border here or a perky, pretty little perennial there. New planting schemes, colours, varieties, landscaping ideas all help get the creative juices flowing so that by the time the first buds burst in Spring, you are out there, willing them on and ready for action! In the garden I am the eternal apprentice. Just the way I like it. Never bored, often wrong but trust me, always trying. 

So, during these dark evenings, there is nothing I like better than disappearing for a while and sitting my the twinkly Christmas lights with a glass of wine in one hand, a good garden read in another and a notebook and pen nearby. 

I've read some wonderful garden reads in the last few years and I'm now revisiting them; thinking about how I can develop the garden further for me, my family and our furry friends. Here is a list of my personal top five reads for garden lovers that have been published in the last year or two. I recommend them all for a host of different reasons...

  • Gardens at First Light, by Stacy Bass. Ooh I love this book. It is one to take a look at when you are tired because it is all about the visual. Every page makes you feel as if you've stumbled, bleary eyed into a secret garden on an v. early morning walk and found somewhere magical. 
  • Hortus: I am so glad I found this journal. A subscription is on my Christmas list. Storytelling and gardening go hand in hand and never is this more evident that the beautiful writing and wisdom found within this lovely little journal. 
  • Rakes Progress: Another quarterly publication, but a totally different beast. A description I found on Twitter outlined this new journal as a 'new gardening magazine that has art and photography at its heart and the outdoors as its mission.' Absolutely. Beautiful, thought provoking articles with a focus on urban gardening. 
  • Botanical Style by Selina Lake: Now, here is a confession. This book isn't about gardening. But my list is for garden lovers. In our neck of the woods housing and commercial development has reached fever pitch. Whether you agree with urbanisation or not, I believe that as more and more of us occupy less and less space, our connection with nature is not only more precious, but has to be reimagined. Cue botanical style. A wonderful book that is all about bringing the outdoors inside for a richer, more life affirming environment.  
  • The Garden Awakening by Mary Reynolds: Hands down, the most influential garden book I've read all year. Since reading it, any thought I have about gardening or nature in general brings me back time and time again to this book. Read it. It will challenge if not change your perspective forever. 

Agree? Did I miss a classic? Let me know. I'm always on the scout for a great garden book. In the meantime, happy reading! 

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