All about time: GROW London June 22, 2016 20:00

Deckchairs and cushions in a jungly garden"So what is your stand all about then? What is the story?" These were the questions posed to me as soon as I got home and showed my husband a few snaps from the Architectural Plants stand we created together for GROW London today. Very direct is my Richard. Straight in there. 

"Er, well, I suppose to sum it up in one word, it is about time." I replied. 

"Oh, right. Cool." He moved on.

I didn't. It got me thinking...

It was an early start today. My brain is a little haggled. We have been working on our stand for a while; sharing ideas, swapping notes. Until now it hadn't occurred to me how I would sum it up in the smallest of nutshells. But the more I think about it, the more that for me, our stand is about time. For a few reasons.

Firstly the scene created, thanks to very clever planting and positioning by Debbie and Mark from Architectural Plants, shows a beautiful, jungly paradise. Nestled in amongst the plants are our deckchairs, cushions and accessories. Perhaps a couple of friends, colleagues and/or plant hunters have been relaxing there for a while. And suddenly they just stood up to see something interesting; leaving their chairs and books behind. Time has stood still. Just for that minute. 

Secondly, 'time' is a theme because this is the first time that we have exhibited at GROW London. It is also a first for Architectural Plants. And there is something quite special about a company that has celebrated its 25th birthday this year (Architectural Plants) sharing their space and their stand with a new start up (you know who!) in their first season. 

Lastly, because the lush tropical planting and the bright, bold colours of our deckchairs and cushions hopefully balance nostalgia with a thoroughly contemporary feel. A timeless escape. And that is probably all that most of us want from our outdoor space - no clock watching, no deadlines; just a little time to reflect & relax alone or enjoy being outside with friends and family. 

Well, these are just my thoughts and ideas of what the space means to me. If you are in and around GROW London over the next few days please come and see us, take a look and tell us what you think. We'd love to see you!