In the mood for colour - Hans Blomquist April 9, 2017 08:47 1 Comment

Home and Garden style guides: three books, three reviewsWe love colour - the energy, interest and creativity it can release. A love for colour is weaved into every garden chair and cushion we create and the premise is simple. We  hope that they provide an accent of colour here, a splash of joyful hues there. So, when 'In the mood for colour' by interior stylist Hans Blomquist was published last year, we were keen to take a closer look. 

When the book arrived, the first thing I noticed was its texture. This isn't just a book about 'how to choose colour' for a particular room or aspect. There is a clever interplay between colour and texture, light, contrast and seasons which literally grabs you from the front cover and continues until the endnotes. On offer is a sophisticated guide to colour. A considered approach, firmly rooted in the author's deep connection to nature. 

This focus on nature is a continual theme throughout the book. It provides the starting point for considering colour and how to introduce it into your home. Colour is divided into tones - dark, pale, natural, soft & bold, gently guiding you as a reader to consider your own reactions to each combination and colour way.  Practical ideas, for example on how to combine colour with natural wood to provide warmth and texture, are shared on every page. 

Photography and styling from the author's own home creates a sense of intimacy between the reader and the writer. The breakfast table is shared. The linen strewn bed in the summerhouse. Hand made wall hangings. This personal aspect of the book is beautifully captured in the photography and the writing, encouraging the reader to see colour from a new perspective. As someone preoccupied by colour, reading this book has provided fresh inspiration and a renewed love for the dynamic nature of colour - ever changing, ever present in our lives. 

The subject of bravery and colour is mentioned twice in the introduction. And for good reason. All too often, people are timid about adding colour to their homes, their gardens, even their clothes. Although I'm confident with colour, I've still been procrastinating about painting our little sitting room a dark shade of blue. This book has put aside those fears, providing a logic and a guide on how to create the effect I want. After years of living with pale walls, at the first opportunity, I'll be grabbing the paintbrush. 

As the title suggests, mood and colour are inextricably linked in this book. Whether you are considering calm and comforting dark tones or wish to embrace joyful, happy bold accents, this book provides an encouraging authoritative guide. In the mood for colour? Always.