Luxury Gift Fair - Salomons Estate July 14, 2016 19:11

Salomons EstateWhen we originally started work on the fabric designs for our garden furniture, we had in mind our own gardens and patios. We tried to create practical but stylish garden furniture that we would want for our respective homes. We've grown accustomed to seeing bright bold cherry and leaf prints our gardens. It seems the norm. But I still feel tickled to see our deckchairs and cushions en masse in a completely new setting. And today was no different.

I started smiling the minute I arrived and saw 'the office' for the next couple of days... Salomons Estate sits serenely overlooking manicured lawns, a beautifully calm lake and woodland. What a place. 

The history of the house is as diverse and interesting as its previous occupants - ranging from the first jewish mayor of London through to university students, scientists and specialists. Today and tomorrow the estate plays host to the Luxury Gift Fair - a two day event showcasing the work of designers, artisans and makers across Kent. Wonderful stuff. 

Outside, the terrace has been basked in sunshine all day. What a tonic after all the rain we have had. The show is on for just one more day, so take a 'sun day' (same as a snow day and far more enjoyable in my book); alternatively "work from home", head down the A26 and come and say hello!