Stylish shedquarters and cool cabins: garden room inspiration April 02, 2017 18:05

Stylish shed life: shop the look at Denys & FieldingSheds, cabins, summerhouses come into their own at this time of year and I for one, am a big fan. Ideal locations to propagate, paint or just ponder, a garden room can help the time poor and just plain weary to disconnect from one world, and reconnect with another. 

There have been some pretty iconic shed dwellers over the years. Not to mention some serious creative outputs. Think Virginia Woolf's writing shed. Dylan Thomas' boathouse. Barbara Hepworth's summerhouse.

While shed ownership provides no guarantee for creative genius, my personal point of view is that it can't hurt. At the very least, it provides shelter from the elements, a rustic retreat from the world, and a musty, earthy smelling haven where I can lose myself for a few hours on a Sunday afternoon, under the guise of gardening or dreaming up new garden chairs and products for Denys & Fielding. Ha! How little they know. I am far more likely to be enjoying the comforts of my own little balcony deckchair on a Sunday afternoon. It is all part of the product testing. Critical and completely bona fide business activity. 

Talking of sitting down... decoration and styling your shed. How do you do it? Where do you start? Well, for me, this is a space that is entirely my own with little or no rules. It is perfectly acceptable to have a work surface that is held up with string. And, entirely appropriate to stick postcards, post its and ideas up on the wall with the wanton abandon of a teenager armed with blue tack and a copy of Jackie (or was that just me?)

As much as I love 'rustic', for me, there is no need for martyrdom. Lamp lights, a socket for the kettle and the laptop, and of course, a comfy, foldable deckchair and mStylish shed and summerhouses - Shop the look at Denys & Fieldingatching foot stool makes for an easy, working environment. Notebooks are always a must, filled with ideas, drawings, cut out articles and pictures. I go for bold, colourful notebooks as I find it makes it a lot easier to remember the points I've written down in them if they have a distinct, stand out cover. And above all, remember why you have a shed. Alright, not necessarily the practical reasons for having a shed such as space, storage etc... But the life affirming benefits. Fill it with idling distractions - magazines, pots, seeds and books to enjoy the sense of escape that is yours to enjoy, just outside the back door.